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The Internet of Things, the Future of IT?

More and more companies are seriously exploring the potential of the Internet of Things. According to a recent report from Microsoft, 3,000 decision-makers surveyed believe that within two years, 30% of their companies’ sales will be attributable to the IoT. What does this new paradigm mean for IT workers and the sector? A part of […]

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Job Search: How to Get Remotivated After the Summer Holidays

So you have taken a bit of a summer break in your job search, and that’s great – it’s important to recharge your batteries. But now you are having a hard time getting back into it… Here are some tips to get back into the game. Take stock If you have let go of your […]

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IT Development – Why Does it Always Take Longer than Planned?

IT development projects seem to be hit with a curse: the repeated postponement of the delivery date! What explains these systematic delays? How can they be reduced as much as possible? Every development project manager (especially for software) will tell you the same thing: it is almost inevitable that the schedule will fall behind. This […]

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Risks to Manage While Seeking a Job

Lack of money is the biggest risk faced by job seekers. Here are our tips of what to look out for and to reduce other risks from your lack of work. Financial risk The fear of financial fiasco may make you want to shorten your search by accepting the first job that comes along. No […]


What Happens at the Second Job Interview?

Employers are requiring a second job interview more and more frequently. This is an opportunity for you to present yourself in more depth and ask your nagging questions. Here are our five tips to make the most of this second meeting. Be glad Being called to a second interview is excellent news, and it means […]


Artificial Intelligence – Business Analysts Won’t Be Able to Do Without It!

Long regarded as a cutting-edge technology only accessible to large conglomerates, artificial intelligence is about to be introduced into the majority of companies, in all industries. It is also transforming the role of business analysts… Interpretation of data Anand Medepalli works at Element AI, which employs more than 500 people in North America, Europe and […]

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The Benefits of Participating in a Hackathon

Are you familiar with the concept of the hackathon? During these events, still very popular, programmers are invited to demonstrate what they can do (and do quickly!). But what benefits for your career can be drawn from them? First of all, what is a hackathon? The general idea is to bring together participants having a […]


What does the data scientist do?

Making the data talk, making sense of it and transforming it into business solutions – here are some of the miracles achieved every day by data scientists. An expert paints a portrait for us of this highly sought-after expertise. Gaëlle Ramboanasolo is a data analyst for the cultural sector. No one knows better than she […]


How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform the Work of a Call Centre Employee?

Rather than replacing humans, artificial intelligence has the potential to improve call centre employees and make them more relevant and effective. Here’s how. Call centre robots can quickly answer specific questions, to the great satisfaction of the customer who independently uses this service. With a few clicks and a few numbers pressed on the phone […]


IT: Four questions you could be asked in an interview

Recruiters say it and repeat it: serious preparation leads to the best job interviews. Here are some draft answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for IT candidates. Take notes! 1. Tell me about a project that you recently improved in terms of quality, speed or efficiency. What did you learn during the […]


What Jobs Will Automation Create?

The automation of factory production will create new job categories, related to IT. What are they? By replacing human work for predictable repetitive and physical tasks, technological innovations are leading to the development of new skills that require analysis and judgement. They are changing the very nature of many jobs and creating new ones. Rather […]


Why Are Women Disinterested in IT?

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) has forecast the creation of some 216,000 new jobs in Canada’s digital economy by 2021, reaching a total of 1,637,000 positions. Many are accompanied by interesting salaries and conditions. Yet the ICTC notes that over the past decade the proportion of women in the field has not exceeded […]

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