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How to Specialize in Big Data

Big Data is becoming used increasingly in many fields. It is not always easy to know how to manage it. Here are some ways to get acquainted with this new situation in the working world. Big data can be defined as “the set of data produced in real time, continuously, whether or not structured, whose […]

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Setting Up an ERP: Preparation as a Factor for Success

More and more companies are acquiring an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage their business better. Here are some keys to prepare for this implementation… and to make it a success! The objective of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system is to gain productivity by optimizing the management, circulation and analysis of information and […]

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Women in IT – How to Find Your Place

While 47% of the Canadian workforce are women, they remain by far the minority in the IT sector, where they account for only 20% of the workforce. Even in the largest companies (Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, Uber, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft…), they are never above the ratio of 28%. According to a study of more than […]


Managing an IT Project – Refresher Training

As an experienced project manager, do you feel out of your comfort zone when an assignment relates to information technologies? Here are some short courses to add this string to your bow. Training in IT project management Those in a hurry will turn to Technologia Formation. This private teaching institution, accredited by Emploi-Québec, offers a […]

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What Needs to Be Done to Attract Rare IT Talents?

To recruit the best talents in information technologies, you have to be ready to untie the purse strings and be creative in the search for candidates. This is what a recent study by Robert Half concludes. The IT world is tough! A survey by the Robert Half firm in Toronto shows that managers are struggling […]

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Cybersecurity Expert – a Sought After Position

With the digital transformation that all industries are going through, cybersecurity experts are increasingly sought after by companies. What do they do exactly? According to a recent study by the Gartner firm, 65% of companies have hired a cybersecurity expert, a position that has become essential in the digital economy. In an era when cyberattacks […]

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IT and Temporary Work – a Natural Marriage

Information technology (IT) workers always seem to be jumping from one organization to another. But is this perception justified? What explains the significance of temporary work in this field? Two recruiters talk to us. “You have to make a difference between temporary jobs and the use of consultants,” says Bruno Filion, senior talent acquisition adviser […]


IT – Are You Condemned to Work in a Big City?

According to a recent study, the vast majority of information technology jobs are in Canadian metropolises. Is it possible in this case to work in the field if you want to live outside the major centres? “For us, 95% of our business is concentrated in Greater Montreal,” says Geneviève Lavoie, vice-president at Montreal IT Recruitment, […]

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Scrum Master?

More and more organizations that have converted to “agile” management are using what is called a scrum master. Similar to a project manager, he nonetheless wears several hats and plays a distinct role. If you are thinking of becoming a scrum master, here is what you need to know about this new profession. The scrum […]


Technology – 93% of Recruiters Have Made a Hiring Mistake

All recruiters know that there is often a mismatch between the skills they are seeking and those that candidates possess. A new study from Robert Half Technology confirms it. A very large majority of hiring decision-makers in the information technologies sector admit that they have made a mistake in recruitment: 93% have already hired someone […]

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Industries that Fuel Project Managers

A presentation of various industries where there is a strong demand for project managers. Information technologies According to the annual project management salary survey conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), close to 50% of projects in Canada are projects related to IT. So it is normal for the industry to be greedy for project […]

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10 Things to Know Before Going to Work in a Start-Up

Working in a start-up may sound cool from the outside, but do you know what you’re getting into? Here are 10 things to know about joining a young sprout… 1. Ephemeral jobs In general, half of new businesses go out of business before their fifth year of existence. In the field of venture capital, an […]

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