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Implanting a RFID chip in your employees ? It can be done

Have you sometimes forgotten your access card when you get to work? For some employees of a Flemish company, this is no longer a problem. New Fusion has equipped its employees with a chip that allows keyless entry of doors. The idea came from an employee who would often forget his badge, says Vincent Nys, […]

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Virtual Communication Tools: Global Employee Dissatisfaction

Virtual communication tools. Employees worldwide are unhappy with the information technologies used in companies. Alcatel-Lucent’s study titled “Changing the Conversation in the Workplace” finds that employees are increasingly unhappy with the virtual collaboration tools available to them. Communicating and collaborating with others has become essential for performance in the work place, with 93% of workers […]

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Relationships at risk as ICT becomes fragmented

The digital revolution and the development of social networking have fundamentally transformed corporate communication methods, which is proving a challenge for European companies. Instant messaging, social networking, online collaboration tools and videoconferencing have gained ground in companies, to the detriment of more traditional communication methods. The findings of the study conducted by ICM on behalf […]


New Technologies Have Revolutionized HR Methods

“New technologies have revolutionized our methods,”  Johanne Berry, founder of recruiting firm Tele-Ressources Staffing Resources Ltd. Johanne Berry founded Tele-Ressources in 1985. At the time, the staffing firms industry was in its infancy. How has this market changed over the past 25 years? The former Chair and spokesperson for the executive board of the Quebec division of […]


Interview with David Tanguay, Founder of Wanted Technologies

When he launched Wanted Technologies ten years ago, David Tanguay had no idea of the surprises that awaited him, or of the new path he would finally end up taking. Today, David Tanguay has chosen to tackle new ventures. He is being replaced by Scott Burton, the new president and chief executive officer of Wanted. He talks to us about […]

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Still too few women in the computer field

Information technology has transformed the world of work. Has it done anything to change the gaps in employment between men and women, though? An OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) report published last April sheds some light on this issue for the OECD’s 30 member countries, including Canada.  To identify information and communication technology (ICT) workers, […]


A portrait of work in IT

The software human resource council recently published the results of a national survey on the Canadian job market in the information technology sector. A portrait of a leading-edge industry. The retirement of the baby-boomers is less of a concern for the IT sector, with an average workforce age of 36 years, managers with an average […] network