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Changes may be made to this section at all times and without prior announcement. It is your responsibility to consult this section regularly.

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The present section does allow you to view and download information contained on the Jobs.ca Web site solely for personal and non-commercial use. All other use of information on the Jobs.ca Web site is strictly forbidden.

Jobs.ca reserves the right to refuse any job poster and/or job offer that is deemed incompatible with the management philosophy of the Jobs.ca Web site.

The mission of the Jobs.ca Web site is to unite business professionals (involved in either an active or passive job search) with potential employers. Any other use of this Web site is strictly forbidden. This includes the following forbidden uses:

– posting of nonexistent job vacancies or positions with incomplete, misleading and/or erroneous descriptions;
– use other than to recruit or be recruited for employment (e.g. disguised commercial advertising);
– data mining for business or advertising purposes including actions aimed at increasing the number of visitors of another Web site;
– the sending or forwarding of any studies, contests, advertising for pyramid selling schemes, chain letters or other unsolicited materials (spamming), piracy (hacking) and/or any other illicit or illegal act.

You hereby agree to respect the rules of netiquette. Any infraction to the policies contained in the present section entitles Jobs.ca to delete content and/or your hyperlink to a job poster’s Web site. Furthermore, Jobs.ca reserves the right to delete data solely at its discretion.

Jobs.ca agrees not to divulge any information submitted by job posters other than for the purpose of the posting and recruiting activities of the Jobs.ca Web site.

Jobs.ca is no more than a means of communication. We do not control the content of job postings on our Web site. Job posters are solely responsible for the content of their postings. Thus, Jobs.ca cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, nor the veracity of the information published on its Web site. Consequently, Jobs.ca cannot be held responsible for the content, existence, nature, quality, legality, security and conformity of any job posting on Jobs.ca.

The Jobs.ca Web site includes hyperlinks to third-party Web sites. Jobs.ca has no control in this regard and thus, cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, nor the veracity of information published on these sites. Consequently, Jobs.ca cannot be held responsible for content published on third-party sites.

Furthermore, Jobs.ca does not accept responsibility for the halting of online services due to technical failure beyond its control.

Jobs.ca does not accept responsibility for the unavailability of its services on the Internet nor will it accept liability for the transmission of a virus. Similarly, Jobs.ca does not accept responsibility for any typographical errors or other inaccuracies on Jobs.ca. Finally, Jobs.ca cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred through the use of Jobs.ca Web site services.

Jobs.ca cannot, however, guarantee the confidentiality of information submitted over the Internet. Thus, in the event that confidential information is divulged, you, the user, must accept entire responsibility.

You remain the holder of the intellectual property rights of materials submitted to Jobs.ca. However, you also hereby license Jobs.ca for the use of submitted content for publication and promotional purposes. This license is automatically granted free of charge, from the moment material is submitted. Furthermore, the aforementioned license is nonexclusive and does not carry an expiry date.

Jobs.ca’s responsibility cannot exceed the cost paid by a client for services offered.

In the event of a legal proceeding against Jobs.ca as a result of an alleged violation of the terms and conditions outlined in this section, by either yourself or another user using your account, you hereby agree to side with Jobs.ca.

The set of rights conferred to Jobs.ca by the present section does not, in any way, create obligations for Jobs.ca. These rights may be applied entirely at the discretion of Jobs.ca.

The preceding terms and conditions are governed by the laws applicable in the Province of Quebec. Any dispute resulting from the use of the Jobs.ca Web site will be presented before the District of Montreal courts of the Province of Quebec.

Security and Privacy

Our company is serious about protecting sensitive information supplied to us over the Internet and respecting the privacy of both candidates and employers. Thus, Jobs.ca keeps you informed of our security measures, our privacy protection policies, the reasons why we may ask for personal information and its intended use whenever such information is requested on the Jobs.ca Web site.


Jobs.ca has adopted the most up-to-date technology to protect against loss or unauthorized use of supplied private information under our control and that of our service providers. Our servers use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that allows for highly secure data transmission. Furthermore, Jobs.ca servers are protected by a firewall. Our company further pledges to regularly update our technology and equipment in order to allow client transactions to remain secure at all times. We also urge our clients to ensure that they regularly update their Internet browsers so that they may fully benefit from the most up-to-date security innovations. Despite all precautions, however, no security system can attain perfection: there is always an element of risk involved when sensitive information is transmitted over the Internet. JobWings.com cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever in the event that such sensitive or personal information unintentionally falls into the hands of a third-party, without your consent, and despite our efforts to protect your privacy. The preceding excludes an act of negligence on the part of Jobs.ca. Please note that, for your protection, the information you send us over the Internet is stored on servers used exclusively by Jobs.ca. If you have a concern regarding the use of confidential information supplied over the Internet, we encourage you to speak directly to one of our representatives at (514) 448-5295. You may also contact us by email at info@jobs.ca.

What personal information do we require at Jobs.ca?

As a job candidate, the only information we require is an email address in order to send you the latest job postings by email – you will also be asked to set up a candidate profile (job category, keywords, job location preferences). We will make every effort to allow you to verify that the information you provide is exact and up-to-date.

How do we use your personal information?

The personal information gathered by Jobs.ca allows us to open an account in your name, to process data, to send email advisories in the case of relevant job postings (maximum of 1 per day). All information remains confidential and is neither viewed nor shared with our advertisers and/or partners. Furthermore, Jobs.ca does not lease nor sell its client lists and you are always given the possibility of opting out. If you no longer wish to receive information about either our Web site or our services, you may request this by using the “Unsubscribe” link or by sending us an email at service@jobs.ca.

Third-party Web links

The Jobs.ca Web site features hyperlinks to other independently run Web sites. By clicking on these links, you will, in fact, be exiting Jobs.ca. We have no control whatsoever over the content of these independent Web sites and will not assume any responsibility for materials published by these sites, even if these sites are referenced by Jobs.ca. Any personal information that you supply to these third-party Web sites are subject to the privacy protection policies of the aforementioned sites. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of each individual site.


A «cookie» is a small text file that is created by certain Web sites and stored on a Web user’s hard drive. Essentially, cookies are harmless files over which you have full control. They do not allow its authors to access unauthorized information from your hard drive. Jobs.ca use cookies only to detect your preferences (job category and job location preferences).


Jobs.ca reserves the right to make changes to the present policies at any time. We also reserve the right to exchange any personal information where required by law or in order to protect our property rights or those of our users, job posters and/or suppliers.

The use of this Web site implies that you have read, understood and accepted the policies contained in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

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