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Oddly enough

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Oddly enough

The Benefits of Participating in a Hackathon

Are you familiar with the concept of the hackathon? During these events, still very popular, programmers are invited to demonstrate what they can do (and do quickly!). But what benefits for your career can be drawn from them? First of all, what is a hackathon? The general idea is to bring together participants having a […]

Oddly enough

Women in Science – a Hard-to-Break Glass Ceiling

Although it has been noted and denounced for years, women remain underrepresented in the fields of science and research. Despite the existence of disparities between countries, the underlying trend remains the same: the level of education of young women is increasing without significant effects on the number of researchers or laureates in the sciences.   […]

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Employees, Dare to Enjoy a Siesta During the Day

Difficult nights, insomnia, exhausting daily commutes, night work… there are many reasons why you might be tired at work. If coffee, a chocolate bar or energy drink are no longer enough, the time may have come to consider the benefits of having a nap during the day. Some brief tips so you can dare to […]

Oddly enough

Implanting a RFID chip in your employees ? It can be done

Have you sometimes forgotten your access card when you get to work? For some employees of a Flemish company, this is no longer a problem. New Fusion has equipped its employees with a chip that allows keyless entry of doors. The idea came from an employee who would often forget his badge, says Vincent Nys, […]

Oddly enough

Teamwork : What chickens have taught us!

Select the best candidates, put them together and you have a super teamwork! True? Perhaps, but the equation is not that simple, especially if one looks at the recent results of a study on the issue, one that included chickens. Focusing on the notion of productivity, William Muir, a scientist at Purdue University in the […]

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