Hirings and layoffs in Canada – January 2024

Here are some companies that made headlines following announcements of major personnel movements in January 2024.


Waterloo Region Paramedic Services has just recruited twenty new paramedics and 9 other essential support positions are still being recruited. This was made possible by the financial support of the regional council, well aware of the importance of having enough staff to offer quality services.

Typically, part-time paramedic positions are recruited first, with seniority taken into account to be offered full-time when an opening arises.

Source: https://www.cambridgetoday.ca/local-news/waterloo-region-emergency-services-continue-recruitment-push-8060428

For its part, the Waterloo regional police service intends to meet its hiring objectives: funding for 55 positions has been requested, with 19 officers in 2023, to which should be added 18 officers in 2024 and 18 others in 2025.

The police have developed a uniform recruitment strategy and provide potential candidates with multiple opportunities to learn about career prospects throughout the year.

Source : https://www.cambridgetoday.ca/local-news/waterloo-region-emergency-services-continue-recruitment-push-8060428

Another phase of the Alberta is Calling campaign will take place later this year, according to a recent report, to continue attracting skilled workers in the province. As in its previous campaigns, in 2022 and 2023, Alberta will continue to capitalize on the province’s advantages in terms of lifestyle, higher salaries, shorter commutes. In 2023, campaign efforts will primarily target workers in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces,

During the last election campaign, the Conservative Party promised to offer at least $1,200 to workers who move to the province to take jobs considered ‘high demand’ such as health care and trades. Boilermakers, millwrights, electricians and welders in particular are highly sought after.

Source : https://www.hrreporter.com/focus-areas/recruitment-and-staffing/another-phase-of-alberta-is-calling-campaign-planned/382568

A new Maxi grocery store officially opened its doors in Beauharnois at the start of 2024, becoming the 156th store in the chain, and enabling the creation of 80 jobs.

Source: Le Soleil de Chateauguay


Rona will cut 300 jobs in Canada, including 180 in Quebec

The retailer specifies that this involves adjusting its operational model. The restructuring aims to simplify operations and gain efficiency. Thus in Quebec, 115 positions will be eliminated at the Boucherville headquarters, 25 will be abolished as part of a ‘realignment of in-store resources’ and it is expected that the Terrebonne distribution center will close, which will eliminate 40 jobs. The Calgary center will close its doors in the fall

Source: https://www.ledevoir.com/economie/805878/rona-supprimera-300-emplois-pays-dont-180-quebec

A year after its acquisition by the Swedish group Embracer, Eidos was finally hit by a “global restructuring” led by its new owner. Nearly a quarter of the workforce, or 97 people, were laid off, while the development of one of the studio’s flagship games, Deus Ex, must be canceled.

source: https://www.lapresse.ca/affaires/entreprises/2024-01-29/jeux-video/eidos-montreal-annonce-97-licenciements-et-l-abandon-du-jeu-deus-ex.php?fbclid=IwAR3WHCEN4g2Lah5CE_aD0pOW53VVZ6VF9moKlG26ASYJFJ_EXCFgI1QBw80

AV Terrace Bay announced a temporary shutdown of its pulp production operations end of January, mentionning current market conditions, forcing the layoff of approximately 400 workers.

Source: https://www.lemaitrepapetier.ca/nouvelles/de-l-industrie/400-employes-mis-a-pied-a-lusine-de-pate-a-papier-de-terrace-bay.html

Mastermind Toys has laid off about 272 employees as the retailer is turned over to new ownership.(Unity Acquisitions inc.) 

Wayfair says about 50 Canadians are part of a layoff impacting 1,650 employees at the home goods company.These workers are all in Ontario.

Wayfair chief executive says they are making the cut because the Boston-based company “went overboard” in hiring during a strong economic period, and now needs  to eliminate excess and “get efficient.”



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