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Computer technician

Other possible titles

  • Support technician
  • Operations technician


The job of computer technician is demanding and not always recognized at its true worth. Its wide scope makes it a little ambiguous, since computer technicians can be hardware specialists, in charge of support, network and systems supervision or database administrators, all at the same time. This field has a few constraints such as mobility, despite remote monitoring, and being on call.


Computer technicians are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of user workstations, software and peripherals. The job is often part of a company's computer department or a computer services company. In addition to advanced technical skills, the position requires a number of soft skills (active listening, patience and teaching) for the user dialogue to be a quality one.

Main tasks

  • Install, test and update computer equipment (computers, servers, peripherals, programs and software)
  • Ensure the maintenance, administration and security of hardware
  • Diagnose and treat incidents
  • Write procedures and various technical documents
  • Provide user support for the initial training on equipment and software


  • A college diploma or bachelor's degree in computers is recommended.


  • Have expertise in the following:
    • Operating systems (Windows, Unix and Linux)
    • Office and messaging software
    • Relational databases and SQL programming
  • Web-based architectures


  • Good listening and understanding skills
  • Analytical skills and ability to see the big picture
  • Good adaptation skills
  • Good communication and teaching skills
  • Independence

Career path

In the short term, computer technicians can work on projects of increasing complexity, with the introduction of new equipment and the complexity of installations, procedures and tests. Afterwards, they can also consider becoming IT managers, and even go into management or sales.