Programmer Analyst Job

Other possible titles for this position 

  • Software designer and developer
  • Software engineer
  • Designer/analyst
  • Programmer

Context of the programmer analyst position

Software development teams used to include a project manager for the needs analysis, analysts for modelling and programmers for coding. The latter two activities are now tending to merge, to give the function of programmer analyst. A relative lack of experienced talents in the latest generation Web languages continues to be felt.

Description of the programmer analyst job

The programmer analyst is in charge of modelling and writing programs in accordance with the specifications and time frame. He can work on the development teams of software publishers, in a computer services company, and in the information systems department of public, private or government sector firm. Some programmer analysts are self-employed.

Main duties of the programmer analyst

  • Make recommendations and approve specifications
  • Organize the technical solution and perform the analysis
  • Write all or part of the program
  • Testing and debugging

Depending on the company, programmer/analysts may also be in charge of the following:

Diplomas and degrees required to be a programmer analyst

A college diploma or bachelor’s degree in computers is recommended.

The programmer analyst position is for people with between two and five years’ professional experience.

Skills to be a programmer analyst

  • Be familiar with operating systems (Windows, Unix and Linux)
  • Be proficient in database, programming and modelling (ULM) languages
  • Be familiar with development methodologies
  • Understand business processes

Qualities of a programmer analyst 

  • Independence and sense of initiative
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Organizational and priority management skills
  • Ability to handle stress

Career path to be a programmer analyst 

The programmer analyst may aspire to IT project manager jobs. They can also stay in the technical realm by becoming multimedia developers, in which case they will require additional training. network