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Career management

Engineers: When the Competition Is Enticing You

A growing number of companies are currently seeking qualified engineers, but the number of available professionals does not always meet the demand. Employers are therefore turning to their competitors to recruit the best workers. What are the major elements to consider before accepting an offer from a competing company? When approached by companies actively seeking […]


E-commerce – the 5 trends for 2020

Constantly changing, e-commerce continues to reinvent itself to offer consumers an ever more personalized experience. From voice control to augmented reality, what innovations will change online business practices in 2020? Personalizing experience with artificial intelligence A pioneer in personalizing the online buying experience, the giant Amazon will continue to offer products intimately linked to the […]

Jobs search

Job search: make it personal

To find a job adapted to your needs and abilities, it’s essential to personalize your cv. But what aspects should you focus on to pique the interest of the recruiter? An expert answers us. In response to a job offer, an employer can often receive more than a hundred applications. The CV and cover letter […] network