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Oddly enough

Women in Science – a Hard-to-Break Glass Ceiling

Although it has been noted and denounced for years, women remain underrepresented in the fields of science and research. Despite the existence of disparities between countries, the underlying trend remains the same: the level of education of young women is increasing without significant effects on the number of researchers or laureates in the sciences.   […]

Company life

Technologies: Factors for Inclusion or Exclusion of People with Disabilities

While the internet often represents a tremendous means of communication and socialization, it can become a real tool of exclusion for people with some form of disability. What computer difficulties do they encounter in their daily lives? What adjustments do the different players have to make so the computer tool is more accessible?     […]

Career management

Attitude to Adopt if a Desire to Resign Takes You

While resignation may be justified in some cases, in other cases it deserves a mature reflection on the part of the employee. Resigning on impulse, exasperated by your superior or colleagues, could have heavy consequences in the short and medium term. So before you get to that point, and even if there are elements against […]


Tourism – Technologies for a Better Personal Experience?

Constrained by the intensification of international competition or forced by ever more connected tourists, the world of tourism must now integrate new technologies in the different spheres that contribute to the success of a voyage.      Portrait of global tourism Regardless of the form of tourism (green, solidarity, industrial, participative, cultural, sporting, rural, entertainment, […]

Company life

How to Respond When Boredom Gets the Upper Hand at the Office

A bit of boredom at the office doesn’t hurt and could even be an opportunity to tackle some chores that appear at the bottom of your to-do list. However, when boredom begins to settle in, it’s a completely different story. It’s important to respond quickly before bore-out strikes you too hard. For, as mentioned by […]

Company life

How to React to Sexist Behaviour in Business?

Arising mainly from the patriarchy, sexism at work can be hard to identify, as it is integrated into the company culture and can manifest itself without particular violence… but it is harmful nonetheless. How is it expressed? How can we react to the various comments and behaviours of certain colleagues?     Various forms of […]

Not to be missed, Oddly enough

Employees, Dare to Enjoy a Siesta During the Day

Difficult nights, insomnia, exhausting daily commutes, night work… there are many reasons why you might be tired at work. If coffee, a chocolate bar or energy drink are no longer enough, the time may have come to consider the benefits of having a nap during the day. Some brief tips so you can dare to […]

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Specialist in Virtual Reality – a Ready-Made Future

When the GAFAs (understand: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) of this world began to invest billions in virtual reality technologies, companies and consumers quickly realized that a small revolution was looming on the horizon. What are the ins and outs of this phenomenon?   Concepts and figures to know For ordinary people, it is not […]

Not to be missed

For a Successful Business Speech

What could be more legitimate than to feel a certain apprehension or undeniable jitter when taking the floor before your colleagues? However, if this exercise were to turn into a fiasco, it would be regrettable for the speaker and detrimental for his audience. So, take inspiration from these few tips in terms of preparation and […]

Company life

When a Disabled Person Enters the Company – Tips and Benefits

How would you react if your boss told you that your new colleague would be a disabled person? Would you perhaps start by telling him that this is rather a person with a disability… Indeed, looking beyond the disability eliminates prejudices, removes barriers and makes the new recruit’s integration easier. If everyone makes it their […]

Pay and benefits

Favouritism in Business or How to Survive the Boss’s Largesse

Larger office, more weeks of leave, longer break… If you are unhappy with favouritism shown to your colleague, act with tact and diplomacy so that the workplace atmosphere remains calm and productivity returns to its previous levels.     Some small and trivial gestures with unfortunate consequences Between being upset by Léon’s unjustified promotion and […]

Company life

Cosharing Offices – Innovative Solutions for Evolving Needs

Car, house, clothing, vegetable garden… these days, everything can be shared. This sharing culture, which has become a reality and will continue to grow in the years to come, now has its own trade shows and enthusiasts who create sites for sharing and the collaborative economy all over the world. Your workspace is no exception. […] network