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Web designer

Other possible titles

  • Web graphic designer


Web design is the result of digitization and image compression techniques combined with increasingly more powerful software and computers.
Web designers work in a world that is continually evolving, so must always be up to date on new techniques and the latest technologies through self-training or courses.


The job of Web designers is to create attractive Web sites by using the various elements: graphic guidelines, images, illustrations, layout, fonts, colours, etc. Partway between graphic design and computers, this job requires a good computer background, but especially an eye for design and a dash of creativity.

Web designers work closely with other professionals (art directors, photographers, 3D animators and programmers), hence the importance of teamwork. They can work for agencies, design studios, video game publishers or computer companies.

Main duties

  • Determine client needs, know their financial and technical imperatives
  • Define the graphic guidelines and visual identity of the Web site
  • Design and create images, graphics, illustrations and animations
  • Ensure the visual and ergonomic standardization
  • Develop the sketches and presentation mock-up
  • Execute or arrange for the execution of the graphics solution


  • College diploma in computers, design art or Web design
  • Bachelor's degree in design art


  • Proficient in the use of Web, graphic design and animation software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Acrobat, Flash
  • Familiarity with the Windows environment
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and Java
  • Good overall culture for coming up with ideas


  • Creativity and imagination
  • Great curiosity
  • Good sense of observation
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Handles stress well (meeting deadlines)

Career path

Since the world of Web designers is continually changing, the scope of their job has considerably broadened. They can move into management positions by becoming art or creative directors for a studio.