Urgent Needs for IT Talent!

A specialist in technology projects, cybersecurity or cloud computing… you could well be the rare gem sought after by 62% of Canadian technology companies that are considering boosting the size of their staff in 2019.

The results of a survey conducted by the Robert Half Technology recruitment firm also reveal that 85% of companies are ready to devote budget and time to developing employees already in place.

The approximately 270 Canadian managers surveyed by the firm are almost unanimously confident that there will be growth for the first half of the year, and they have pressing needs for qualified IT professionals.

The skills sought

Their main needs target specialists in cybersecurity, cloud computing, business intelligence solutions and communication. “Everything related to computer security, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will be a key field for career development in computing,” explains Albano DeJesus, director of Robert Half Technology in Montreal.

In addition to recruitment, companies are investing in training their existing staff and even offer fairly advanced learning. Employees eager to acquire new skills therefore have the opportunity to add new strings to their bow.

Security – a big issue

This is one of the main concerns of IT leaders for the coming year. “Recent cyberattacks have sounded the alarm and many companies are getting ready by hiring cybersecurity professionals and updating their processes and technologies,” says Director Albano DeJesus.

Technological advances are being made at high speed. And companies know very well that their processes have to evolve at the same rate. “More and more of them are motivated to innovate and make new investments in all forms of upgrading,” says Albano DeJesus.

Diversified careers at competitive wages

The finance, health, retail trade, manufacturing and high tech sectors will be especially in need of new IT talents for years to come. Positions for developers, analysts, engineers, designers, managers and many others will need to be filled. Wages vary, of course, depending on the field and type of job. Those in security and cloud computing are at the top with tempting salaries, some of which approach six figures from the first years of work, according to Robert Half’s Salary Guide.

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