Job descriptions

Have a look on the different jobs in the IT industry. Role, evolution, employment opportunities... 

Technical Support Representative

JOB DESCRIPTION Technical support representatives identify and solve by phone or e-mail the problems clients have after the purchase of a product or service. The job requires good analytical skills and an excellent aptitude for communication in order to provide clients with the help they need. As call centres are open 24/7, agents’ schedules are […]

Technical Representative

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Account manager Account director DESCRIPTION Technical representatives generally work for a director of sales, in close collaboration with the technical and marketing departments. Their duties involve generating business for the company and building new market share in a geographic area or for a given line of products/services. To do this, they have […]

Systems Architect

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Information systems architect Technology architect CONTEXT An information system only has value once data is circulating between users, allowing them to enhance their knowledge, efficiency and ability to innovate. Systems are increasingly powerful, complex and heterogeneous, especially in a context of mergers, acquisitions and organizational restructuring. It is therefore necessary to have […]

Functional Analyst

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Computer analyst Computer consultant DESCRIPTION Functional analysts can work for computer consulting firms, telecommunications companies, private sector computer departments or be self-employed. Their job involves proposing computer solutions to clients after analyzing their needs and system architecture. In addition to technical skills, functional analysts must have excellent communication skills and project management […]

Account Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION Account managers, who work for computer consulting firms, computer engineering services companies, or for network and applications support companies, are in charge of signing new services contracts. Account managers know their company’s offering inside out and actively seek to grow their client portfolio and increase sales. They respond to calls for tender and […]

Technical Writer

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Copywriter Technical communicator CONTEXT Technical writing is one of the jobs that has benefited the most from telecommuting. Many writers are self-employed and enjoy some flexibility in terms of organizing their work; the downside is irregular schedules and tight deadlines. DESCRIPTION The job of technical writer involves writing texts to facilitate the […]


JOB DESCRIPTION Administrators, i.e. network administrators, are responsible for the circulation of information on the various sites or desktops of a company, and handle the installation of equipment, maintenance and upgrade of the network infrastructure. Specializing in information and communication technologies, they manage, maintain and develop the network: NETWORK MANAGEMENT This involves the internal management […]

Software Tester

JOB DESCRIPTION As participants in the software development process, software testers help develop the test plan and evaluate the quality of software components. Their role is to detect major software flaws (e.g. bugs, errors, failures, breakdowns, risks) in order to fix them and ensure the performance of the developed systems. Specifically, testers analyze the context […]

Computer Technician

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Support technician Operations technician CONTEXT The job of computer technician is demanding and not always recognized at its true worth. Its wide scope makes it a little ambiguous, since computer technicians can be hardware specialists, in charge of support, network and systems supervision or database administrators, all at the same time. This […]

Programmer Analyst

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Software designer and developer Software engineer Designer/analyst Programmer CONTEXT Software development teams used to include a project manger for the needs analysis, analysts for modelling and programmers for coding. The latter two activities are now tending to merge, to give the function of programmer/analyst. A relative lack of experienced talents in the […]

Web Designer

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Web graphic designer CONTEXT Web design is the result of digitization and image compression techniques combined with increasingly more powerful software and computers. Web designers work in a world that is continually evolving, so must always be up to date on new techniques and the latest technologies through self-training or courses. DESCRIPTION […]

Security Specialist

OTHER POSSIBLE TITLES Computer security officer Information systems security specialist Information technology security analyst CONTEXT The work of security specialists has become even more indispensable since Canada has implemented computer security regulations (Bill 198 in Ontario, and sister legislation in Quebec) to create a framework equivalent to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the U.S. These laws […] network