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Developer, Intermediate, IITS

August 8 2021
Industries Education, Training
Categories Information Technology, Programming, Development, Database Dev. & Admin., QA, Tester, Debug, Systems architect, Design, System administrator, Information technology
Montreal, QC

This posting represents a one year full-time maternity leave replacement.


Reporting to the Manager, HRIS, the incumbent is a resource person for customers in the student, administrative and academic units. They provide technical expertise and recommendations in assessing new IT software projects and initiatives to support and enhance existing systems. 


  • Undertake modifications to the system to respond to clients' changing needs.              
  • Provide support to end-users from different units regarding systems and applications within the portfolio.
  • Serve as a liaison and facilitator between units to assist in addressing and resolving IT software issues.         
  • Coordinate testing and approval of system changes for each project with Systems Analyst and other required team members.
  • Maintain system by monitoring and correcting software related issues.
  • Work closely with other staff.  Consult clients concerning the maintenance and performance of software systems.
  • Develop new application software to address new requirements that are mandated by the University.
  • Actively participate in meetings with representatives from different services and faculties. Organize and chair related meetings when required.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues and identify modifications needed in existing applications to meet changing user requirements.
  • Perform other tasks in support of the unit.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Bachelor of Commerce in Decision Science and Management Information Systems, and two to four years of experience in application systems design and development, programming and analysis.
  • Experience working with end-users, and developing and implementing solutions to meet their needs.
  • Expertise with Java, C# and web development languages such as ASP ,JSP, HTML, and XML.
  • Expertise in database access methodology and database structures, Oracle and SQL.
  • Good knowledge (Level 4) of written and spoken English, in order to give and understand complex explanations, hypothetical questions, or abstract ideas.
  • Knowledge of French conversational and writing skills, desirable.
  • Highly organized multitasker who works well under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Very good communication and interpersonal skills.

Salary  $ 74 676.27- $ 89,200.55                                                                                                                    network