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Network Support Analyst

March 30 2017
Industries IT: Services
Categories Installation - Maintenance - Repair, Networking, Programming - Development, System administrator
Charlottetown, PE

Job Title:                           Technical Support Associate

Term of Employment:        Permanent, Full Time

Location of Position:         Charlottetown, PE


Wicked EH Incorporated, located at 91 Water Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1A5,  is an independent internet service provider, dedicated to providing low barrier high-speed internet to rural Canadians.  By delivering the combined power of our management team's capabilities, Wicked EH provides multiple high-speed such as our residential high-speed system, and a freely available internet connection in our custom hotspot system.


Job Purpose (Job Summary)
To undertake development activities required to meet overall requirements in support of Wicked EH Management Initiative. Development activities are directly related to hardware platform customization and should be completed within expected delivery dates while adhering to all Wicked EH development standards. The ability to communicate with both business users and residential subscribers is a must. This role will work with the Wicked EH leadership and technical support team to develop technical solutions that satisfy the business needs of the Technology organization and other departments seeking to use Wicked EH services.

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Complete all tasks related to technical analysis, building and unit testing, quality assurance, system test and implementation in accordance with the IT development life cycle
  • Analyze requirements, design, build and test system components or amendments
  • Always conform to documentation, coding and quality standards as defined
  • Review, discuss and work within agreed timescales and feedback to project managers any variances arising as tasks are performed
  • Understand client business and make recommendations and technology suggestions to solve problems and improve efficiency
  • Understand architecture of applications and hardware in order to effectively troubleshoot problems and develop more efficient production processes
  • Be prepared to carry out business analysis tasks to ensure that the development/change meets user requirements and expectations
  • Prepare for and support user acceptance testing
  • Perform quality assurance tests on the work of other developers
  • Prepare all necessary documentation and processes to enable ongoing support of the systems
  • Advise and participate in on-site hardware installation and maintenance at heights exceeding 75 meters.
  • Communicate with internal and external customers, supervisors and management using clear, user-friendly terminology (emails, phone, meetings).
  • Assist project and line managers in producing estimates for the development phase of projects and enhancements
  • Provide On Call support for systems based on agreed coverage timeframe
  • Participate in establishing Wicked EH development standards
  • Handle general updates and configuration changes/requests
  • Facilitate rollout of new applications, modules and firmware
  • Customize any applications as suggested by Process Owners/Business Analysts
  • Ensure latest release of software applications are implemented in a timely manner with minimal or no disruption to IT operations
  • Identify system deficiencies and recommend solutions
  • Maintain bleeding edge firmware focused on TDMA window sizes and transport
  • Design and implement VoIP solutions as needed

Work Experience / Knowledge:

  • Minimum of 1 year of proven systems development experience using structured methods
  • Formal training in systems analysis and computer programming
  • Understanding of relational database design & modeling and development life cycle principles
  • Solid experience of working in project teams
  • Design and develop scripted applications and / or customized firmware development for MIPS/Artheros
  • Mastery of cross-compiled development environments
  • AJAX, CSS, HTML, DHTML, XSL, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, C, C++, BASH, Fortran 2008 and IBM AS-400
  • In-depth knowledge of the technical implementation of various firmware modules such as SNMP, NTP, STP, Routing Protocol, VLAN, LDAP, SSO, MID Server, Discovery, MX, TFTP, and Serial JTAG
  • In-depth knowledge of Enterprise-grade hardware systems including provisioning and implementation of VMWare ESXi bare-metal environments.
  • In-depth knowledge of Carrier-grade routing systems including CGNat, NAT46, NAT64, NAT464, NAT 444, BGP, SPD, HSRP, IP Source Routing, IGP, ICMP and Multiprotocol BGP.
  • Firmware customization including, but not limited to: Administration Scripts, UI policies, UI Actions, Script Includes, Traffic Rules, workflow administration, report setup, data imports
  • Apache knowledge to create advanced customizations of UI Pages/Macros and Script Includes from existing and future software implementations.
  • Experience on Integration technologies such as Web Services, LDAP, SOAP, HTTP, MID Server, Orchestration and third party software integrations desirable
  • Experience with Apple server environments, including the provisioning of cellular units with custom centrally managed profiles.
  • Java IDE's (preferably WSAD and Eclipse)
  • Open source frameworks (Spring, Hibernate and JQuery) desirable
  • Software development methodologies
  • Experience developing external and/or internal web based solutions
  • Experience developing Enterprise & Carrier-grade networks
  • Experience provisioning hardware with custom firmware
  • Experience mitigating technology risk in large network systems
  • Up to date on current web technology trends and best practices
  • Up to date on current technological security trends and best practices
  • Experience with mobile devices, application development and management on mobile devices
  • Completed a fall protection training course

Skills / Other Personal Attributes Required:

  • ITIL lifecycle knowledge a great asset
  • Mastery of Adobe software suite CS6 including AfterEffects, Illustrator, InDesign, Prelude, Premier and Photoshop for creating marketing materials recommended
  • Mastery of Adobe Audition for audio implementation of VoIP systems recommended
  • Ability to pick up new technology independently
  • Must have good organization and planning skills - capable of managing own workload
  • Be able to work under pressure and multi-task while remaining professional and courteous
  • Exceptional ability to analyze requirements / problems and to propose innovative but workable solutions
  • Team player
  • Open minded, flexible, and willing to listen for other people's opinions
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to effectively communicate over the phone and via email with a variety of individuals at all technical levels are required
  • Excellent verbal and written skills

Formal Education(minimum requirement to perform job duties)

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems / Computer Science is preferred but not required

Working Conditions:

  • Normal office environment with exposure to noise, dust and temperatures
  • The ability to lift, carry or otherwise move objects of up to 50 pounds is also necessary
  • The ability to climb to heights of 100+ meters and work in that environment for extended periods.
  • Hours may include evenings and/or weekends and may include on call support by pager and/or cell phone
  • Willingness to travel both domestically and internationally. Frequency and duration to be determined by manager.


  • $65,000


  • None network