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Information Systems Consultant

February 23 2017
Industries IT: Software
Categories Programming - Development, Systems architect - Design
Toronto, ON

Information Systems Consultant

Company description:
The PureLoad Software company was founded in 1998 in Sweden where the PureLoad performance test tool was created. The PureLoad tool is used for extreme performance tests of IP-based server applications where millions of simultaneous clients can be simulated. The main test areas are:
- Web Servers testing HTTP download or other HTTP functions.
- Streaming Video Servers based on HTTP, HTTP Adaptive Bit Rate, RTP, RTMP, RTSP.
- Call scenarios on VoIP Servers using SIP.
- Charging Servers using Diameter.
- Other Servers testing SSH, Mail, FTP, JDBC, LDAP, DNS

PureLoad Software opened a subsidiary in the US in 2009 and a subsidiary in Canada in 2012. The Canada office is based in Montreal.

PureLoad Software Canada is now ready to expand in the Toronto area where the PureLoad tool has attracted a lot of interest from potential customers. We are looking for an experienced Information Systems Consultant who can work with customers to identify how the PureLoad tool can be adapted and extended to fit customer needs.

Job duties:
You will be responsible for analysing, designing, implementing, delivering and providing support for customer extensions and core system adaptations to the PureLoad tool. You will work on site together with the customer when needed. The PureLoad tool has been in active development since 1998 and today consists of hundreds of thousands of lines of Java code. You must fully master all Java techniques used from 1998 up to 2017 in order to improve and adapt the highly tuned, distributed and  multi-threaded execution engine. You will develop custom Linux kernel modules for extreme performance situations with millions of sockets. You will design and develop PureLoad extensions using telco protocols such as Diameter, Radius and GTP.

Terms of employment:
Permanent position

Start date:
June 1, 2017

Language required:
English (professional proficency)                

$116,000 per year, working 37.5 hours per week

10 business days per year - no other benefits offered for the position

Location of work:
Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Skills requirements:        

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Work experience:
20 years of Java design and development experience
10 years of Telecom protocols (Diameter, Radius, GTP)
5 years of Linux kernel development in C
Deep knowledge in and experience of:
- HTTP Streaming with HLS, HSS, HDS and MPEG-DASH
- EAP-AKA, GBA Ua and Ub network protocols
- GTP network protocol
- Diameter Rf, Rx, Gx, Zh, Zx, SWx, SWm, S6, Sd, and Sh
- SNMP, JMX client and server development
- DNS network protocol and DNS server development
- RTP, RTSP, SIP and LDAP network protocols

How to apply:
If you are interested and meet the requirements, please email us at @ with your resume. We will then let you know if you have been selected to proceed. If selected, you will be asked to complete a programming assignment and then scheduled for an interview.

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