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Vulnerability Research Engineers / Software Reverse Engineers

February 13 2017
Industries IT: Services
Categories Networking, Programming - Development, Project management, QA - Tester - Debug, Security - Continuity - Risk, Systems architect - Design
Ottawa, ON

Open to:  Canadian citizens
Note: Permanent resident status does not qualify

Job Summary:

CSE is currently looking to fill several positions at the junior, intermediate and senior levels. The incumbents work in a fully matrixed operational environment that recognizes and rewards skill and technical merit. We are seeking talented and motivated individuals to find software vulnerabilities, perform advanced malware binary analysis and help us advance the state of the art in these areas.

A successful candidate must possess a high degree of tenacity, ingenuity, independence, and flexibility to work in VRE/SRE. Likewise, a successful candidate will demonstrate proficiency in multiple programming languages ranging from assembly, C, C++ and Java as well as scripting languages such as Javascript and Python.

Key activities could include:

  • researching computer security vulnerabilities.
  • analyzing malicious software to determine all aspects of its functionality and developing mitigations.
  • analyzing software and communications protocols to determine the product architecture and security vulnerabilities.
  • developing tools and systems to aid in the delivery of VRE/SRE services.
  • participating in all aspects of the software development process.
  • applying innovative thinking, performance analysis and modern computer engineering principles to solve complex technological problems.
  • maintaining software applications after migration to production, including troubleshooting and recommending/implementing improvements.
  • collaborating with other Government of Canada (GoC) departments, 2nd Parties and other CSE elements to ensure a compatible environment that promotes exchange of software applications and components.
  • advising on the capabilities of software systems, including providing technical support and advice to other CSE areas, GoC departments and agencies or allied agencies.
  • leading teams & managing projects, as required.

Any of the following experience will be considered an asset:

  • Software reverse engineering
  • Analyzing malicious software
  • Development of medium to large scale software projects
  • Performing penetration tests (Red Team)
  • Network protocol analysis
  • Cryptography / cryptanalysis
  • Developing large-scale data processing systems
  • Kernel or driver development

Position type:

  • Term and indeterminate positions can be staffed from this competition. 
  • Term and indeterminate positions have a one (1) year probation period.

Positions available: Various positions:

  • Vulnerability Research Engineers
  • Malware Reverse Engineers

Salary Range:

Individuals are typically hired into entry level positions though exceptions can be made based on the level of experience and competency demonstrated during the selection process.

Entry Salaries range from:

  • UNI 7 level - $73,850.00 - $86,881 per year
  • UNI 8 level -$78,820 - $92,731 per year
  • UNI 9 level -$84,552 -$99,470 per year
  • These positions are currently eligible for a market allowance ranging from $7,960 to $11,516 annually.

Position Requirements:

  • Education
    • University degree* in Computer Science,  Computer / Electrical Engineering with software focus or an equivalent
    • College diploma with reasonable work experience - minimum three (3) years.
    • Additionally, candidates without a computer science related education, but who possess significant VRE/SRE experience and aptitude are encouraged to apply.

*3rd and 4th year university students who are currently completing their degree are eligible to apply, but will not start employment until they have completed their degree.

Candidates will be evaluated in several technical knowledge areas and will have to demonstrate strong knowledge in at least one of the following disciplines:

  • IT Security
  • Software reverse engineering
  • IT Architecture
  • Software Development

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