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IT Deployment Team Lead

February 21 2017
Industries Energy
Categories QA - Tester - Debug
Chalk River, ON


  • Liaises with other managers and project teams to lead the IT Quality Management Program (testing, change management and deployment processes, resources, activities, training, reporting and documentation).
  • Leads the development and implementation of policies, standard operating practices, procedures and protocols to effectively execute the principles, goals and objectives of the IT Quality Management Program.
  • Selects and develops the people, resources, tools and recommends the budget necessary to manage and coordinate the quality management functions within IT Division.
  • Oversees and manages human and financial resources allocated to the IT Quality Management Program.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the output of IT Division projects and services includes adequate identification and interpretation of client needs and business requirements, including such things as traceability requirements, test requirements, usability requirements, information security requirements and information management requirements.
  • Works with client groups and IT managers and project teams to implement processes and measures that ensure that changes in IT Division programs and services have the least impact on client productivity and the delivery of CNL internal and external services.
  • Ensures appropriate scheduling of quality management resources to projects and activities undertaken in the IT Division.
  • Reviews project plans and design documentation to ensure that all functional design requirements have been captured during the analysis and design phase of a project, and in the selection of appropriate technology for implementation.
  • Consults with project managers/technical leads to evaluate system interfaces, operational requirements and performance requirements of projects.
  • Manages the agenda and disposition of items associated with the Change Advisory Board (CAB), and maintains and communicates both the short and medium term change agenda to client groups and across IT Division.
  • Reviews and approves test and deployment plans impacting users at an enterprise level, and assists with the development of test and deployment plans.
  • Audits test plans and testing methodologies to ensure that standardized methodologies and practices are in use across IT Division.
  • Recommends design and implementation improvements or corrections to project managers/technical leads throughout the development cycle of projects.
  • Maintains effective communication with managers, program managers/technical leads and other subject matter experts to assess and resolve quality management issues and risks.
  • Conducts post-implementation assessments with client management and project teams to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of IT Quality Program objectives, client satisfaction, and recommends adjustments to internal processes and procedures in order to prevent the re-occurrence of testing and deployment problems and issues, and to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of IT Division services.
  • Oversees compatibility testing with third party vendor provided tools, systems and programs.
  • Works with IT Division and client management to resolve and mitigate significant issues and risks associated with upcoming IT Division deployment and testing activities.
  • Monitors and communicates short and longer term impact assessments to relevant clients showing how IT Division's testing and deployment activity will directly or indirectly impact their area of business.
  • Prepares reports on relevant KPIs and SLA metrics and the overall effectiveness of the IT Quality Management Program.
  • Attends the integrated part of the capital planning meetings to present reports and to respond to quality management issues.
  • Meets with the Management Team to review and/or recommend changes to the overall program as required or as requested.
  • Maintains a familiarity with all IT Division tools, services, projects, priorities and service standards, and liaises with Business Relationship Management to maintain an awareness of emerging needs and new IT projects.
  • Maintains an awareness of the versions of active software, hardware and networking components in the CNL production environment, and any previously identified incompatibilities and/or technical risks/limitations that exist within or between products.
  • Educates IT Division employees and clients on the relevance, utility and necessity of the IT Quality Management Program.
  • Encourages an atmosphere of trust, openness and communication and an attitude based on working together and shared objectives.


  • Graduation from a recognized educational institution in computer science, engineering, information technology, or quality management.


  • Graduation from an equivalent formal educational program and relevant IT experience.
  • Minimum of seven years of prior experience in IT at an intermediate level and senior level, of which three years must include direct experience in IT quality assurance, IT testing and application deployment.
  • Relevant training, experience, and certification(s) in COBIT 5 and ITIL V3 are highly desirable.
  • Additional experience gained working as a client of IT is desirable. network