In Isolation, the Best Collaboration Tools

Your entire team is working remotely at this time of the COVID-19 crisis: now is the time to test new collaborative platforms. An opportunity to improve your communications and maximize productivity. You will never go back.

You already know Google’s collaborative tools, and may you even use the very popular professional messaging tool Slack. Add to this videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, which you have become adept with in a few days to stay united with the team. But there are much broader possibilities for online collaboration!


This is an app that can be used as a general dashboard to keep an eye on each person’s tasks and current projects. In addition to being an effective messaging system for your team conversations, Monday lets you organize work in task management tables, where the deadlines to be met and colleagues called upon are clearly indicated. The project visualization tables provide an overview at a glance. Monday is also the ideal location to store files that are useful for everyone, or to connect your team with other tools used in common.


Don’t let isolation deter you from starting new creative projects that require team brainstorming. With Milanote, you will be able to show emerging ideas on visual tables, or even summaries of the project to be constructed and the schedule of the steps to be followed. Images, text, files and hyperlinks can be dragged and dropped onto blank pages or in predefined templates that will make the task easier.


After Google’s tools, Trello is probably the best known and most popular collaborative tool. It will be appreciated by the organization’s creatives and enthusiasts of all types for its interface that reproduces the principle of a mind map. Its system of tables invites you to place cards, mostly corresponding to tasks, in columns in the table, and to move them from one column to another as the project progresses. Each card can contain an infinite amount of information, links and attachments.


If you like Trello’s mind maps, you will find a similar principle in MindGenius Online. But this app goes one step further by allowing you to arrange tasks on a timeline and specify each task in a separate table.

Also take a look at Smartsheet, which has similar functions, but has more complex and flexible designs – an app that will be particularly appreciated by those working in creative environments and who want to transform the tool for each project.


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