Close-up on the Video Game Tester Job

Any video game enthusiast has probably already viewed the job of a video game tester as a dream job. It suits those who, in addition to being passionate about video gaming, are particularly meticulous and perfectionists. Overview of a little-known profession.

Fashionable war games or small independent games – a video game tester experiments with them all and must treat them on an equal footing. Very few production houses have their own testers. Instead, they call on specialist subcontractors, whose testers are called on to examine all kinds of games, from a new development by Ubisoft to an educational game designed by a small company. The main quality a tester needs is therefore to show insatiable curiosity and great adaptbility.

François Fortier, a video game tester with Enzyme, can talk for hours about the variety of games available on the market. “Forget the image of a tester who spends the day playing video games,” he says, having been on this job for two years and discovering over time a profession that requires great meticulousness. “Our work is to ensure that the games don’t have any mistakes and that they match the quality standards expected by increasingly demanding players. It can be highly technical. The tester has to be a patient and meticulous person.”

Video game tester: a profession more diversified than it appears

Testing video games is routine work, of course, but the most motivated employee can still diversify his activities. Although most testers are assigned to assess the game’s functionality, others, including those with linguistic skills, are called on to revise the texts and refine translations, or to adapt cultural references for the Quebec audience.

Certain testers are responsible for checking the compatibility of games with various platforms, while others make sure that they meet the standards of all consoles.

“In all cases,” says François Fortier, “although the job can be alienating, we always have the satisfaction of having contributed to making the games functional, as well as often working on stimulating videogaming content.”

The good news is that no particular diploma or training is required. You will be able to access this job after passing an online aptitude test and an interview. But the trade will not make you rich – Canadian video game testers are usually paid the minimum wage.

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