Articles by Louise Bouchard


How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform the Work of a Call Centre Employee?

Rather than replacing humans, artificial intelligence has the potential to improve call centre employees and make them more relevant and effective. Here’s how. Call centre robots can quickly answer specific questions, to the great satisfaction of the customer who independently uses this service. With a few clicks and a few numbers pressed on the phone […]


What Jobs Will Automation Create?

The automation of factory production will create new job categories, related to IT. What are they? By replacing human work for predictable repetitive and physical tasks, technological innovations are leading to the development of new skills that require analysis and judgement. They are changing the very nature of many jobs and creating new ones. Rather […]


Urgent Needs for IT Talent!

A specialist in technology projects, cybersecurity or cloud computing… you could well be the rare gem sought after by 62% of Canadian technology companies that are considering boosting the size of their staff in 2019. The results of a survey conducted by the Robert Half Technology recruitment firm also reveal that 85% of companies are […] network