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Developing Mobile Apps – Training to Take

Developing mobile apps is certainly a profession in full growth, with most people around the world now having a smart device. If this is a career you are considering or if you want to develop your skills in this area, here are several places in Quebec and Canada that offer training to become an expert […]


The Internet of Things, the Future of IT?

More and more companies are seriously exploring the potential of the Internet of Things. According to a recent report from Microsoft, 3,000 decision-makers surveyed believe that within two years, 30% of their companies’ sales will be attributable to the IoT. What does this new paradigm mean for IT workers and the sector? A part of […]


How to Specialize in Big Data

Big Data is becoming used increasingly in many fields. It is not always easy to know how to manage it. Here are some ways to get acquainted with this new situation in the working world. Big data can be defined as “the set of data produced in real time, continuously, whether or not structured, whose […]

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Cybersecurity Expert – a Sought After Position

With the digital transformation that all industries are going through, cybersecurity experts are increasingly sought after by companies. What do they do exactly? According to a recent study by the Gartner firm, 65% of companies have hired a cybersecurity expert, a position that has become essential in the digital economy. In an era when cyberattacks […]

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Scrum Master?

More and more organizations that have converted to “agile” management are using what is called a scrum master. Similar to a project manager, he nonetheless wears several hats and plays a distinct role. If you are thinking of becoming a scrum master, here is what you need to know about this new profession. The scrum […] network