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How to Assert Your Personality With a Recruiter

To stand out, skills are not enough – you have to know how to arouse the recruiter’s interest by highlighting your personality. How do you achieve this in a résumé, on social media? Tips. Targeting the required personal qualities Showcasing your personality is a good way of enhancing your candidacy and eliciting a call from […]


#noprojects, or Why We Should Stop Thinking by Project  

In Information Technologies (IT), a growing body of business analysts wants to promote a new approach: discarding the concept of projects to focus on continuous improvement.  According to Australian Evan Leybourn and New Zealander Shane Hastie, from the “agile” movement and authors of the book #noprojects, A Culture of Continuous Value (2018), project-based operation has […]

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Setting Up an ERP: Preparation as a Factor for Success

More and more companies are acquiring an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage their business better. Here are some keys to prepare for this implementation… and to make it a success! The objective of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system is to gain productivity by optimizing the management, circulation and analysis of information and […] network