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Programmer / Analyst

Other possible titles

  • Software designer and developer
  • Software engineer
  • Designer/analyst
  • Programmer


Software development teams used to include a project manger for the needs analysis, analysts for modelling and programmers for coding. The latter two activities are now tending to merge, to give the function of programmer/analyst. A relative lack of experienced talents in the latest generation Web languages continues to be felt.


Programmer/analysts are in charge of modelling and writing programs in accordance with the specifications and time frame. They can work on the development teams of software publishers, in a computer services company, and in the information systems department of public, private or government sector firm. Some programmer/analysts are self-employed.

Main duties

  • Make recommendations and approve specifications
  • Organize the technical solution and perform the analysis
  • Write all or part of the program
  • Testing and debugging

Depending on the company, programmer/analysts may also be in charge of the following:

  • Drafting technical documentation
  • Providing technical support and maintenance


A college diploma or bachelor's degree in computers is recommended.

Programmer/analyst jobs are for people with between two and five years' professional experience.


  • Be familiar with operating systems (Windows, Unix and Linux)
  • Be proficient in database, programming and modelling (ULM) languages
  • Be familiar with development methodologies
  • Understand business processes


  • Independence and sense of initiative
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Organizational and priority management skills
  • Ability to handle stress

Career path

Programmer/analysts may aspire to IT project manager jobs. They can also stay in the technical realm by becoming multimedia developers, in which case they will require additional training.