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Functional analyst

Other possible titles

  • Computer analyst
  • Computer consultant


Functional analysts can work for computer consulting firms, telecommunications companies, private sector computer departments or be self-employed. Their job involves proposing computer solutions to clients after analyzing their needs and system architecture. In addition to technical skills, functional analysts must have excellent communication skills and project management experience.

Main duties

  • Define user needs
  • Write functional files
  • Supervise programmers
  • Take part in integration testing
  • Train users
  • Participate in the development of change requests


  • A bachelor's degree in computers or business data processing is recommended
  • Two years' professional experience is often required


  • Have experience in the following:
    • Analysis methods and languages such as UML
    • Relational databases and SQL programming
    • Web-based architectures
    • Development tools (Microsoft .Net, Java, Oracle)
    • Operating systems (Windows, Unix and Linux)
  • Proficiency in computer project management


  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Understanding of technological issues
  • Good communication skills and ability to simplify
  • Team spirit
  • Writing skills
  • Ability to manage priorities and handle stress

Career path

Functional analysts can start by working on more complex projects, and then move up to project manager or functional architect.