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Job description

Administrators, i.e. network administrators, are responsible for the circulation of information on the various sites or desktops of a company, and handle the installation of equipment, maintenance and upgrade of the network infrastructure. Specializing in information and communication technologies, they manage, maintain and develop the network:

  • Network management

This involves the internal management of a company’s network: development of networks (Windows/Linux/Cisco), intranet, management software packages (ERP, CRM), implementation of IP telephone systems, etc. Administrators manage relationships with external service providers (suppliers, operators), and sign computer contracts. They also watch over system security (setting up user access, privacy via passwords, storing of backups).

  • Network maintenance

Administrators analyze the performance of the network they are in charge of. They detect malfunctions and come up with solutions to guarantee the continuity of service. They orchestrate troubleshooting operations.

  • Network development

Administrators work closely with engineers, systems and network technicians, and the head of telecommunications or operations to develop more effective network solutions. Within the team, administrators participate in defining network enhancement or extension plans. In this light, staying current with developments in the field is a daily part of the job.


  • Education: College diploma (DEC in Quebec) in computers, bachelor’s degree in computers or the equivalent
  • Knowledge of good computer environment practices
  • Advanced knowledge of operating systems
  • Proficiency in the technical aspects of networks (cable materials, transmission, routing, communication protocols, etc.)
  • Management skills
  • Bilingualism, for Quebec professionals: excellent spoken and written French and English

Personal qualities

  • Thorough and methodical
  • Analytically inclined
  • Self-reliant, resourceful
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Persuasive
  • Ability to stay calm and good stress tolerance to deal with the first sign of a network malfunction
  • Service-oriented and available