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I have bad references. What do I do?

4 May 2016 | by Anne B-Godbout  |

You did it! You updated your CV and landed your dream job. Just one problem: your bad references are holding you back. What should you do? Here are a few tips that will get you hired despite that drawback.

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ICT Specialists: Is There Really a Shortage?

7 March 2016 | by Martine Roux | Useful Resources

The explosion of new information and communication technologies stimulates recruiters’ appetites for workers who master these skills. But is it a commodity that is as rare as they claim? It may just be that some companies put the bar a little too high, says TECHNOCompétences.

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Should You Learn to Program?

9 February 2016 | by Fanny Bourel | Boost your Career

Computer science developers are treated like royalty in a world where technology is omnipresent. Voices are speaking up that programming should be generally taught to the entire population. But, is knowing how to code really essential for your CV? 

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Greeting Employees Is the First Step to a Better Work Culture

2 February 2016 | by Philippe Jean Poirier | Life at work

In a time when businesses run on performance statistics and data mining, Peter Hart—work recognition specialist—proposes a radically different management approach: put humans at the heart of the business. 

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6 Ways to Cope with Depression from an Unsuccessful Job Search

27 January 2016 | by Catherine Girouard - 37e AVENUE | Tools for a good job search

Unemployed people in Quebec—with an average unemployment rate of 22.2 percent—search the longest for jobs in the country. It is normal to feel depression looming on the horizon, but here are some tricks to stay the course while waiting to anchor down.

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